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In-House Legal Teams

Akroda untangles the complex workflow between legal departments, business teams, and outside counsel.

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Simplify Collaboration Streamline Work

Akroda can help increase efficiency by keeping you connected to the business &
keeping them up to-date through every stage of a matter

Assign Work

Receive tickets from the business, turn them into full projects or one-off tasks, assign them to team members and prioritize work with upcoming deadlines


Collaborate Securely

Collaborate on projects with members of your team, business partners, and even outside counsel with file sharing, comments, and task assignment


Live Analytics

Track progress, compare estimates with results, access efficiency data, and justify additional resources with reporting all in your performance dashboard


Legal Teams Deserve
Legal Software

Simplify your tech stack and maximize efficiency with features made for legal professionals

Seamless Collaboration

Akroda allows your team to easily share files, add context, and send communications, all in one platform

Assign tasks efficiently

Make sure your high-priority tasks get completed on time by automatically filtering staff based on their availability

Gain High Level Perspective

Watch your bottom line with with performance insights and real-time reporting

Effectively Manage Resources

Real-time resource management ensures that work is distributed efficiently, preventing  team members from being stretched thin

Case Law At Your Fingertips

Research cases, highlight important information, and reference rulings all within Akroda

Performance-based Project Management

No matter the size of your legal department,
Akroda can help you stay connected to the business and outside counsel

Streamline Management

Manage your team with real-time resource management, and assign tasks to team members with availability so no one is overworked

Enhance Collaboration

Deliver your best work product with seamless collaboration on projects and files with business teams and outside counsel, all in one place

Simplify Reporting

Get reliable, actionable information for legal ops and business managers with Akroda’s insights on team performance and legal spend

Hear what real people are saying

Don’t just take our word for it – hear what actual clients have to say about Akroda’s
impact on their daily operations and overall efficiency

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